Cảm biến TS700-L050-30-LI2UPN8-H1141

Temperature Detection

With Current or Voltage Output and PNP/NPN Transistor Switching Output

Part number: 100004381

    • Screw-in adapter with process connection G1/2″ male thread included in delivery
    • 4-digit, 2-colored, 12-segment display, rotatable by 180°
    • Upper part of housing can be rotated up to 340°
    • Materials in contact with media: 1.4404 (316L), CR O-ring, AFM34 flat seal
    • Immersion length: 50 mm
    • 17…33 VDC
    • NO/NC contact, PNP/NPN output, analog output (current/voltage), IO-Link
    • Various IO-Link mapping profiles can be selected