Cảm biến B2N60H-Q42-CNX2-2H1150


With CANopen Interface

Part number: 1534063

    • Rectangular, height 42 mm
    • Plastic, PA12-GF30
    • Convenient CANopen interface
    • Fulfills CiA DS‐301, CiA DSP‐410
    • High resolution and accuracy
    • Baud rates of 10 kbps up to 1 Mbps
    • High sampling rate and bandwidth
    • Parameterizable vibration suppression
    • One TPDO (RTR, cyclic, event-controlled, synchronized)
    • Configuration via SDO and object directory
    • SYNC load (synchronized transmission of TPDO after reception of SYNC telegram)
    • EMCY producer (inclination, internal device temperature monitoring)
    • Failure monitoring via heartbeat or nodeguarding/lifeguarding
    • Freely configurable limit frequency (digital filter)
    • Robust and compact plastic housing