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Cảm biến NI40-CP80-VP4X2

Cảm biến NI40-CP80-VP4X2 Cảm biến NI20-CP40-Y1X/S97 Cảm biến NI20-CP40-Y1X/S100 Cảm biến NI20-CP40-AD4X Cảm biến BI40-CP80-VP4X2-H1141 Cảm biến NI40-CP80-Y1 Cảm biến NI40-CP80-Y1/S97 Cảm biến NI40-CP80-Y1/S100 Cảm biến BI40-CP80-VP4X2 Cảm biến BI40-CP80-VN4X2 Cảm biến BI40-CP80-FZ3X2 Cảm biến NI50-CP80-VP4X2 Cảm biến NI50-CP80-VN4X2 Cảm biến NI50-CP80-FZ3X2 Cảm biến NI40-CP80-VP4X2 Cảm biến NI40-CP80-VP4X2/S97 Cảm biến …

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Cảm biến Turck BI1-EH04-Y1

Cảm biến Turck BI1-EH04-Y1 BI1-EH04-Y1 BI1-EG05-Y1 BI1,5-EG08-Y1-H1341 BI1,5-EG08K-Y1 BI1,5-EG08K-Y1-H1341 NI3-EG08K-Y1 NI3-EG08K-Y1-H1341 BI1,5-EH6,5K-Y1 NI3-EH6,5K-Y1 NI15-EM30-Y1X-H1141 NI10-EM18-Y1X-H1141 BI2-K11-Y1 NI5-K11-Y1 NI10-K20-Y1 NI50-K90SR-Y1 SI5-K09-Y1 SI15-K30-Y1X SI2-K08-Y1 NI40-CP80-Y1 NI60-Q80-Y1X BI50-Q80-Y1X SI3,5-K10-Y1 NI5-P12-Y1X/S97 NI20-CP40-Y1X BI15-CP40-Y1X NI20-CP40-Y1X/S100 NI20-CP40-Y2X BI20-CP40-Y1X NI35-CP40-Y1X/S100 BI20-G47-Y1X NI15-P30-Y1/S100 NI15-P30-Y1X/S97 BI10-P30-Y1/S100 BI10-P30-Y1X/S97 NI5-P12-Y1/S100 BI5-P18-Y1/S100 BI2-P12-Y1/S100 NI10-P18-Y1/S100 BI15-CP40-Y1X/S100 BI15-CP40-Y1X/S97 Nhà phân phối cảm biến Turck BI1-EH04-Y1 …

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Cảm biến Turck WKB3T-2/S68

Cảm biến Turck WKB3T-2/S68 WWAK3-L/Q WWAK4-L/Q WWAK4-L/S398 WWAK4.2-2/P00 WWAK4.21-L/P00 WI40-M18-LIU5 WI70-M18-LIU5 WIM40-Q20L60-LIU5-H1141 WIM70-Q20L100-LIU5-H1141 NI15-S30-AZ3X/S97 NI15-S30-AZ3X/S100 NI15-S30-VP4X/S97 NI15-S30-VP4X/S100 NI15U-CA25-AP6X2-H1141 NI15U-CA25-AP6X2-V1131 NI15U-EM18MWD-VP44X-H1141 NI15U-EM18MWD-AN6X NI15U-EM18MWD-AN6X-H1141/3D NI15U-EM18MWD-AN6X-H1141 NI15U-EM18MWD-AP6X NI15U-EM18MWD-AP6X-H1141/3D NI15U-EM18MWD-AP6X-H1141 NI15U-M18-AN6X NI15U-M18-AN6X-H1141 NI15U-M18-AP6X NI15U-M18-AP6X-H1141 NI15U-M18M-VN44X NI15U-M18M-VN44X-H1141 NI15U-M18M-VP44X NI15U-M18M-VP44X-H1141 NI15U-M18-RP6X-H1141 NI15U-MT18-AN6X-H1141 NI15U-MT18-AP6X-H1141 NI20-CK40-AD4X-H1141 NI20-CK40-AN6X2-H1141 NI20-CK40-AP6X2-H1141 NI20-CK40-Y1X-H1141 NI20-CP40-AD4X NI20-CP40-AN6X2 NI20-CP40-AP6X2 NI20-CP40-FZ3X2 NI20-CP40-FZ3X2/S97 NI20-CP40-FZ3X2/S100 NI20-CP40-VN4X2 NI20-CP40-VP4X2 NI20-CP40-VP4X2/S97 …

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Cảm biến NI20-CP40-Y1X

Cảm biến NI20-CP40-Y1X Thông số kỹ thuật Turck NI20-CP40-Y1X Inductive sensor Order number: 10111 Rectangular, height 40 mm Variable orientation of active face in 9 directions Plastic, PBT‐GF30‐V0 DC 2-wire, nom. 8.2 VDC Output acc. to DIN EN 60947-5-6 (NAMUR) Terminal chamber General data EAN 4047101061994 eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27270101 -/- Inductive …

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