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Cảm biến BI2-M12-Y1X-H1141

Cảm biến BI2-M12-Y1X-H1141 Cảm biến BI2-EG08-AG41X-H1341 Cảm biến BI1,5-EG08-AP6X-H1341 Cảm biến NI3-EG08K-AP6X-H1341 Cảm biến NI3-EG08K-AN6X-H1341 Cảm biến NI3-EG08-AP6X-H1341 Cảm biến NI3-EG08-AN6X-H1341 Cảm biến BI2-EG08K-AP6X Cảm biến BI2-EG08K-AN6X Cảm biến BI1,5-EG08K-AP6X Cảm biến BI1,5-EG08K-AN6X Cảm biến BI2-EG08-AP6X Cảm biến BI2-EG08-AP6X/S100 Cảm biến BI2-EG08-AN6X Cảm biến BI2-EG08-AN6X/S100 Cảm biến BI2-EG08-AG41X Cảm biến …

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Rơ le bảo vệ IM21-14-CDTRI

Rơ le bảo vệ IM21-14-CDTRI Thông số kỹ thuật Turck IM21-14-CDTRI Rotation speed monitor 1-channel Order number: 7505650 Monitors over and underrange of limit values and window limits Line monitoring Operating range 0.06 … 600000 min-1 Connection of sensors acc. to EN 60947‐5‐6 (NAMUR), 3-wire sensors and external power supplies 2 relay …

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Turck BI10-M30-AN6X/S90

Turck BI10-M30-AN6X/S90 3M BI10-M30-AN6X/S90 3M BI10-M30-AN6X-H1141 BI10-M30-AP6X BI10-M30-AP6X 5M BI10-M30-AP6X 6M BI10-M30-AP6X 7M BI10-M30-AP6X/S90 BI10-M30-AP6X/S90 3M BI10-M30-AP6X-H1141 BI10-M30-RN6X BI10-M30-RN6X 5M BI10-M30-RP6X BI10-M30-RP6X-H1143 NI15-M30-AN6X NI15-M30-AN6X 3M NI15-M30-AN6X 5M NI15-M30-AN6X-H1141 NI15-M30-AP6X NI15-M30-AP6X 10M NI15-M30-AP6X 4M NI15-M30-AP6X 5M NI15-M30-AP6X 7M NI15-M30-AP6X/S90 NI15-M30-AP6X/S90 10M NI15-M30-AP6X/S90 5M NI15-M30-AP6X-H1141 NI15-M30E-AP6X-H1141 NI15-M30EE-AP6X-H1141 NI15-M30T-AN6X BI2-M12-AD4X BI2-M12-AD4X 3M BI2-M12-AD4X-H1141 …

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