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Cảm biến BI4-M12-AP6X-H1141

Cảm biến BI4-M12-AP6X-H1141 Cảm biến NI20-CP40-VN4X2 Cảm biến NI20NF-CP40-VN4X2 Cảm biến NI20-CP40-FZ3X2 Cảm biến BI30U-CP40-AP6X2 Cảm biến BI20U-CP40-VP4X2 Cảm biến BI15U-CP40-VP4X2 Cảm biến BI15U-CP40-AP6X2 Cảm biến NI20-CP40-AD4X Cảm biến BI40-CP80-VP4X2 Cảm biến BI40-CP80-VN4X2 Cảm biến BI40-CP80-FZ3X2 Cảm biến NI50-CP80-VP4X2 Cảm biến NI50-CP80-VN4X2 Cảm biến NI50-CP80-FZ3X2 Cảm biến NI40-CP80-VP4X2 Cảm biến …

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Cảm biến Turck NI15-EM30D-VP6X/S120

Cảm biến Turck NI15-EM30D-VP6X/S120 NI15-EM30-AP6/S907 BI5-EM18-AP6/S907 BI10-M30-AP6X-H1141 BI10-M30-AN6X-H1141 BI15-M30-AP6X-H1141 BI15-M30-LUAP6X BI15-M30-AP6X BI15-M30-AP6X 7M BI15-M30-AN6X-H1141 BI15-M30-AN6X BI15-M30-AN6X 7M BIM-EG08-AN6X BIM-EG08-AN6X-H1341 BIM-EG08-AP6X BIM-EG08-AP6X-H1341 BIM-EG08-AP6X-V1131 BIM-EG08-AP6X 12M NI6U-EH6,5-AP6X NI6U-EH6,5-AP6X-V1131 NI6U-EH6,5-AN6X NI6U-EH6,5-AN6X-V1131 NI7-EM18WD-AP6X/S929 NI7-EM18D-VP6X/S120 NI6U-EG08-AP6X NI6U-EG08-AP6X-V1131 NI6U-EG08-AP6X-H1341 NI6U-EG08-AN6X NI6U-EG08-AN6X-V1131 NI6U-EG08-AN6X-H1341 NI4U-Q8SE-AP6X NI4U-Q8SE-AP6X-V1131 NI4U-Q8SE-AN6X NI4U-Q8SE-AN6X-V1131 NI6U-EGT08-AP6X-H1341 NI4U-Q8SE-RP6X-V1131 NI6U-EG08-RP6X-H1341 NI6U-EG08-RP6X-V1131 NI6U-EH6,5-RP6X-V1131 BI2-G12SK-AP6X BI2-G12SK-AN6X NI5-G12SK-AN6X NI10-G18SK-AP6X NI10-G18SK-AN6X …

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Turck BI10-M30-AN6X/S90

Turck BI10-M30-AN6X/S90 3M BI10-M30-AN6X/S90 3M BI10-M30-AN6X-H1141 BI10-M30-AP6X BI10-M30-AP6X 5M BI10-M30-AP6X 6M BI10-M30-AP6X 7M BI10-M30-AP6X/S90 BI10-M30-AP6X/S90 3M BI10-M30-AP6X-H1141 BI10-M30-RN6X BI10-M30-RN6X 5M BI10-M30-RP6X BI10-M30-RP6X-H1143 NI15-M30-AN6X NI15-M30-AN6X 3M NI15-M30-AN6X 5M NI15-M30-AN6X-H1141 NI15-M30-AP6X NI15-M30-AP6X 10M NI15-M30-AP6X 4M NI15-M30-AP6X 5M NI15-M30-AP6X 7M NI15-M30-AP6X/S90 NI15-M30-AP6X/S90 10M NI15-M30-AP6X/S90 5M NI15-M30-AP6X-H1141 NI15-M30E-AP6X-H1141 NI15-M30EE-AP6X-H1141 NI15-M30T-AN6X BI2-M12-AD4X BI2-M12-AD4X 3M BI2-M12-AD4X-H1141 …

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Cảm biến Ni20-CP40-VP4X2/S100

Cảm biến Ni20-CP40-VP4X2/S100 Thông số kỹ thuật Turck Ni20-CP40-VP4X2/S100 Order number: 15046 Rectangular, height 40 mm Variable orientation of active face in 9 directions Plastic, PBT‐GF30‐V0 High luminance corner LEDs Optimum view on supply voltage and switching state from any position Temperatures up to +100 °C DC 4-wire, 10…65 VDC Changeover …

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