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Cảm biến BI5-M18-AZ3X/S120

Cảm biến BI5-M18-AZ3X/S120

Thông số kỹ thuật Turck BI5-M18-AZ3X/S120

Inductive sensor

With extended temperature range

Order number: 4310410

    • Threaded barrel, M18 x 1
    • Chrome-plated brass
    • Temperatures up to +120 °C
    • AC 2-wire, 20…250 VAC
    • NO contact
    • Cable connection
 đại lý BI5-M18-AZ3X/S120, nhà phân phối BI5-M18-AZ3X/S120
EAN 4047101170238
eCl@ss-Code (V5.1.4): 27270101 -/- Inductive proximity switch
Customs tariff number 85365080
Country of origin DE
Weight 173 g
Design Threaded barrel
Construction size Threaded barrel, M18 × 1
Rated switching distance 5 mm
Operating voltage AC
Switching element function NO contact
Electrical connection Cable
Housing material Metal
Mounting conditions Flush
Special features T +120 °CT +100 °C

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